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Land Based Underwriters (LBU) is a specialised insurance entity that emerged in response to significant inadequacies observed in the farm insurance sector. This was particularly evident after the implementation of new Environmental Regulations, which exposed gaps in existing public liability policies that failed to adequately cover the unique risks associated with farming operations.

The inception of LBU was driven by Roger Morgan, a seasoned professional with a Diploma in Chartered Insurance Institute (DipCII), and the founder of Farm & General Insurance Consultants Ltd. Recognising the lack of comprehensive insurance coverage for farms, Roger initiated a campaign aimed at raising awareness about these deficiencies among key stakeholders in the UK insurance market, including leading insurers such as Aviva, Axa and MS AMLIN and farm brokers.

Through his efforts, a robust partnership was forged with top-tier global insurers, which played a pivotal role in the creation and development of LBU. This collaboration enabled the tailoring of insurance products specifically designed to address the nuanced and evolving risks faced by the agricultural sector.

Since then, LBU has maintained its commitment to innovation and responsiveness to the changing landscape of environmental demands and business practices. By continually identifying and addressing areas within farm insurance that require enhancement, LBU ensures that its offerings remain relevant and provide substantial protection against the complex challenges that modern farmers face. This proactive approach not only bolsters the security of agricultural businesses but also supports their sustainability and growth in a dynamic regulatory and economic environment.

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Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance

We've teamed up with a major global insurer, trusted by the worlds leading industrial and commercial enterprises to bring you a comprehensive Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance policy.

Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

Discover how you can partner with LBU to offer customers a range of agricultural vehicle insurance, from a single tractor to an entire fleet.

Small Farm and Smallholding Insurance

Our smallholding insurance policy is specifically designed to protect small farms and smallholders and is available for enterprises up to 100 acres.

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