At Land Based Underwriters, we understand that it can be hard to find the right policy for your clients to ensure they're suitably covered for their small farm or smallholding. We run through some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you along your way. 

  • My client only wants Public Liability cover, can we obtain a policy to just cover this element?

No. The smallholdings & small farm policy is a package policy. Covers cannot be added or deleted and we do not offer Public Liability in isolation.

  • My client has llamas/alpacas do you cover them?

No. Unfortunately, the cover of llamas and alpacas is excluded under the small farms & smallholdings policy, if the client has these animals we will not be able to offer a quote.

  • The limits on the Silver package meet my client’s needs, but they would need a higher buildings limit. Is it possible to bespoke elements of each package to suit my clients needs?

No, the limits under each package; Silver/Gold/Platinum, are fixed. If an element of the selected package does not meet the needs of your client, you would need to look at the next insurance package up to see if this covers appropriately.  

  • Is there cover for agricultural shows or farmer markets?

Yes. This is a typical activity for smallholders and would be covered under the policy.

  • Are my client’s agricultural vehicles covered under this policy?

Yes. Under the machinery section for all perils except Accidental Damage. However, if your client takes the vehicles out onto the road, they would need a seperate policy covering road risks. We can arrange a separate policy for this, with a specialist motor insurer. For further information please contact us

  • Can my client cover their house on this policy?

Yes. As long as the home is at the smallholder risk address, their home can be covered, you will just need to obtain the rebuild value. 

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