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Protecting the Environment

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Organised Crime Wave Hits Unsuspecting Warehouse, Property and Land Owners

A large organised waste scam is currently hitting the Midlands and warnings are in place that it could soon move to other areas of the country. Learn more...

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What Environmental Insurance Brokers Need to Know to Win New Business

6 Aug 19

The clarification of cover under a standard Public Liability policy in Bartoline, plus the introduction of the Environment Regulations has created a new business opportunity for Brokers.

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Pre-historic Fish Seen In England's Rivers

A pre-historic blood sucking fish, that pre-dates dinosaurs by 200 million years, has been seen in England's rivers for the first time since the 1800s.

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The Parliamentary Environment Bill 2020

The Environmental Bill has re-entered Parliament. Discover the potential legislative changes that may impact the environmental insurance industry.

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Why Our Environmental Insurance?

General liability and property policies leave significant gaps in coverage for environmental impairment liability. Learn more here.

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Avoid Insurance Broker Professional Liability Losses from Environmental Risk

Uninsured losses arising from various contaminants combined with the very poor market penetration of affordable environmental insurance products combine to create potential E&O claims for insurance br

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Environmental Insurance for Transactions

Environmental Impairment Liability policies (EIL) continue to play an important role in mergers and acquisitions (M&As). EIL policies provide environmental liability insurance. Learn more here.

50,000 Farmers Uninsured

An estimated 50,000 of UK farmers have virtually no insurance cover should they cause damage to the environment. Learn more here...