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motorised horsebox insurance

Motorised Horsebox Insurance from LBU

We are excited to offer motorised horsebox insurance with optional breakdown cover! This is available for horseboxes of all sizes and covers policyholders for personal and business use. Discover more.

harmful effects of paint on the environment

Environmental Risks of Paint

The improper handling of paint can cause significant harm to the environment. Discover the risks to look our for and how to protect your clients from insurance claims with an EIL policy.

Farm insurance broker

Protect Your Farmers from Fraud

Farm insurance brokers need to be on constant look out for scams that may impact their clients. Discover the most common types of fraud farmers are at risk of and how to spot them.

environmental insurance broker

What EIL Insurance Brokers Should Know to Win New Business

The clarification of cover under a standard Public Liability policy in Bartoline, plus the introduction of the Environment Regulations has created a new business opportunity for Brokers.

environmental liability insurance broker

Avoid Insurance Broker Professional Liability Losses from Environmental Risk

Uninsured losses arising from various contaminants combined with the very poor market penetration of affordable environmental insurance products combine to create potential E&O claims for insurance br

environmental liability insurance

Will Fertilisers be Banned to Tackle Water Pollution?

Our Environmental Impairment Liability policy not only protects farmers and growers from damage to the environment caused by extreme weathering, it also includes crop failure resulting from pollution.

50,000 Farmers Uninsured

An estimated 50,000 of UK farmers have virtually no insurance cover should they cause damage to the environment. Learn more here...

small farm insurance UK

New Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

Land Based Underwriters are partnering with MS Amlin brokers to streamline the agricultural vehicle insurance industry.

small holder combined insurance environmental impairment insurance

The Limitations of Public Liability Insurance Policies

Standard public liability insurance policies are limited to what they can insure clients for, discover the importance of specialist environmental impairment liability insurance from LBU.

environmental impairment liability insurance

The Parliamentary Environment Bill 2020

The Environmental Bill has re-entered Parliament. Discover the potential legislative changes that may impact the environmental insurance industry.

expert farm insurance underwriters

How Britain is Overcoming Water Pollution

Helen Wakeham, Deputy Director for the Water Quality, Groundwater & Land Contamination Environment Agency, discusses water pollution in Britain and how the nation is protecting the environment.

environmental impairment liability insurance

Protecting the Environment

Discover how to stop your farm fertilisers from polluting water sources and avoid liability for damages with this helpful guide on protecting the environment.

environmental liability insurance broker

Why Our Environmental Insurance?

General liability and property policies leave significant gaps in coverage for environmental impairment liability. Learn more here.

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Organised Crime Wave Hits Unsuspecting Warehouse, Property and Land Owners

A large organised waste scam is currently hitting the Midlands and warnings are in place that it could soon move to other areas of the country. Learn more...

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Pre-historic Fish Seen In England's Rivers

A pre-historic blood sucking fish, that pre-dates dinosaurs by 200 million years, has been seen in England's rivers for the first time since the 1800s.