2022 A Year in Review

As we approach the end of 2022, Land Based Underwriters has taken the opportunity to reflect on the past year.

With most of the UK vaccinated against Covid-19, by March we were able to start visiting brokers again, something that wasn’t possible during 2020 and most of 2021. This was a great chance to meet our clients in person, deliver Environmental Liability training and further develop existing relationships, discussing the products we have available and how we can add value to businesses. It really is invaluable meeting people out in the field, rather than over a Teams or Zoom call. I think we all prefer real human contact and getting direct insight to how we can help people and improve our services and provide the best farm insurance policies on the market.

Our Best Bits

2022 has seen a large number of brokers apply for an agency with us, which has been fantastic to see; this really demonstrates the value of our products. Here at Land Based Underwriters, we are always pleased to hear that a farm insurance broker has recommended us to another broker because our service and products left a good impression. Thank you to everyone who has been part of our community and those who continue to help us grow and serve the industry well.

We are continually listening to our brokers’ feedback. A number of you asked us for a Vintage Tractor product and this was swiftly made available to you by mid-May. We are working on introducing some new products in the new year, which we hope will provide you with more reliable options for your clients in an ever-changing and tough farm insurance market.

We also recently attended a clean-up of a farm with Crawford & Company, and this really highlighted the importance of Environmental Liability Insurance. Seeing the impact first-hand really brought the subject to life, and having the opportunity to discuss environmental damage with the scientists who clean it up and monitor the eco systems following a spill assists us in explaining to brokers how a client could be at risk of causing the damage, and how LBU can protect them.

Looking Towards 2023

We look forward to forging new relationships in 2023 and launching our new products. If you would like some Environmental Training and/or an agency with Land Based Underwriters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

And finally, Merry Christmas from everyone here at Land Based Underwriters and a very happy new year.