Shooting Season: A Guide Tailored to Farm Insurance Brokers

As shooting season is in full swing, it’s imperative for syndicates and individuals taking part to lock in the right insurance coverage. Proper insurance doesn’t just guard against potential legal and financial consequences but it also ensures the safety of participants in terms of public responsibility and health and safety issues. This article will serve as your guide through the vital insurance components every shoot syndicate should consider, crafted for farm insurance brokers who understand the quirks and nuances of risk management.

Public Liability Safeguard for Firearms 

Owning and using firearms in the UK requires a strong public liability defence. Although a lot of shooting associations such as BASC will include this as part of their membership benefits, it may also be considered an addition to your clients' home contents insurance. Verifying that every member is insured is crucial for syndicates, and meticulous documentation of the proof is required.

Syndicate’s Public and Product Liability

Shooting syndicates are responsible for securing their public and product liability insurance as they are the authority of event layout, organising, driving and overall logistics. This coverage is essential as the syndicate may be held liable for mistakes or mishaps that occur during shooting events. Ensuring compliance with insurance requirements, such as having a Health and Safety (H&S) policy and conducting comprehensive risk assessments, emphasises the crucial element of prioritising safety.

Employer’s Liability

Obtaining employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement if the syndicate functions as a separate legal company. Protection against lawsuits resulting from illnesses or injuries sustained by employees or syndicate members while participating in shooting operations is guaranteed by this policy.

Firearm Licenses and Driver Diligence

Syndicates should request documentation demonstrating members' most current gun licences in order to increase safety and compliance. Ensuring overall safety and preventing accidents is facilitated by drivers exercising due diligence and conducting rigorous assessments of the suitability of shoot trailers.

Insurance for Shoot Trailers and Towing Vehicles

All of the shooting trailers and towing vehicles involved in a shooting syndicate need to have sufficient insurance. Having concrete evidence of coverage is essential, particularly when interacting with neighbouring farmers or third parties. It is essential to confirm insurance needs with helping parties in order to avoid coverage gaps.

Rural Protect Cover

It seems sensible to include coverage for rural protection in the insurance portfolio. This insurance provides protection against possible mishaps, health and safety inquiries, and contract disputes, all of which are tailored to the unique requirements of shooting estates. A further degree of security is offered by rural protection cover to clients who have significant assets.

Prudent Storage Measures

It is crucial to make sure that guns are stored securely on shoot trailers or gun buses. Precautions against probable risks, such as falls and failures, can drastically lower legal responsibility in the event of an accident. It provides an additional degree of security to explicitly define who is responsible for what storage-related risks.

Shoot Day Safety Measures

Finally, having full insurance coverage throughout the shooting season is more than just a precaution—it's necessary. Taking care of insurance nuances can make the difference between a hassle-free, fun season and one that is full of financial and legal complications. Shooting syndicates may ensure a safe and secure season by adhering to these guidelines, allowing them to enjoy the excitement of the hunt without needless concerns. Contact our knowledgeable staff at Land Based Underwriters to discuss your specific needs and receive tailored insurance solutions.