Providing Cover for the Impacts of Climate Change

The repercussions of the ongoing climate crisis have become unavoidable, with the increased frequency and severity of floods, and other natural weather-related events that we are witnessing around the world. Land Based Underwriters discusses the importance of ensuring your clients’ environmental liability insurance is sufficient to cover the increasing risks of turbulent weather conditions. 

Increased Flood Risks

This year saw a prolonged period of dry weather with severe summer heatwave and record-breaking temperatures, causing increased strain on water resources. Then in Autumn, dry land was inundated with an overflow of rain in a short period, leading to severe flooding across the country.

The erratic and increasingly intense rainfall is becoming progressively harder to plan for. Poor land management and degradation make certain regions across the country particularly vulnerable to floods. Coastal communities in particular, are threatened by the rising sea levels and storm surges, which is further exacerbated by little to no flood planning and management.

How is this Linked to Climate Change?

The heatwave we all bared witness to this summer was a prime example of how, when the atmosphere warms, the air retains up to 7% more water vapour for each degree Celsius rise in temperature, thus when the weather rapidly cooled as we moved into autumn, we experienced heavier than normal rainfall.

Historically, the UK has not experienced such extreme weather conditions and as such, adaptations have not been made to safeguard vulnerable areas from flooding.

Rise in Environmental Hazards

 With more extreme weather conditions comes an increase in environmental and agricultural risks. Floodwater is often contaminated by overflowing sewage or septic systems and from the farming industry, agricultural and industrial waste and chemicals.

Agriculture insurance is continually required to evolve to account for these increased risks and changes. Here at Land Based Underwriters, we understand the need to ensure your clients are covered against environmental pollution and the potential flood related contamination. 

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