Specialist Insurance for Your Vintage Tractor

A vintage tractor is something special, and when you have invested a lot of time and money into it, you want to be sure that it is safely looked after. At Land Based Underwriters we understand the value of such an item and have the right solution to give your clients peace of mind.

The Preferred Vintage Tractor Insurance Policy

As part of our Agricultural Vehicle Insurance offering, Land Based Underwriters has partnered with MS Amlin to provide our customers with a new Vintage Tractor Insurance policy.

The policy includes comprehensive cover for any licenced driver, with an excess of £100.

Further details of what is insured, include:

  • You and/or any named person or company
  • Unlimited legal liability for death or injury to third parties, including passengers
  • Legal liability for damage to another person’s property up to £5million in respect of any one claim or number of claims arising out of one cause
  • Legal costs incurred with our consent in connection with a claim
  • Trailers / Implements that are attached to the insured vintage tractor. These continue to be covered once detached, until such time the Trailer / Implement is attached to another vehicle.

Optional cover is also available, including:

  • Glass cover
  • Loss or damage to the insured vehicle

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With Land Based Underwriters you will be safely and appropriately covered.