6 Fines and Penalties that Show EIL Insurance is Essential

Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance may be seen as an unnecessary additional policy by some. However, not being appropriately covered for actions that cause a negative impact on the environment can result in large fines, as shown by 6 such cases outlined below.

If your clients are thinking they don’t need Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance, they might want to think again!

Hotel Pays £4,682 for Sewage Discharge

In July 2019, Armathwaite Hall, a luxury hotel and spa in the Lake District, was handed a variable monetary penalty of £2,500, with £2,182 in costs, for a discharge of sewage into sections of the river Derwent. Not only is there a reputational impact, but a financial one too, in terms of not having the correct EIL insurance in place.

Doncaster Farm Pays over £26,000 for Nitrates Breach

In this case the Environment Agency ordered a farm to pay £15,659 for spreading more than 250kg of sewage sludge per hectare onto land between April 2017 and August 2018. The environmental damage caused by pollution is a concern and the Environment Agency takes such breaches very seriously.

Potato Processor Ordered to Pay £21,000

A Staffordshire potato processing firm was fined after its trade effluent leaked into a stream.

County Londonderry Farmer Fined for Silage Leachate Discharge

County Londonderry farmer, Jordan Philip Yorke, allowed polluting silage leachate to enter a watercourse, damaging its ecology for almost 2km.    

£40,000 Bill for Silage Effluent Pollution

A Cambridgeshire biogas plant operator was prosecuted for allowing silage effluent to escape into a drainage channel in 2018, turning it coal black.

Farmer to Pay £11,000 for Slurry Discharge

Carmarthenshire farmer, Iwan Humphreys, was ordered to pay more than £11,000 for an unpermitted discharge of slurry, which severely affected a five kilometre stretch of the Afon Dulas in July 2019.

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Our Environmental Impairment Liability insurance covers for sudden or gradual pollution, own and off-site clean-up costs, business interruption costs and more. The full details of the LBU Environmental Impairment Liability policy can be found by obtaining a quote on our website.