Agricultural Vehicle Cover FAQs

Here at Land Based Underwriters, we're here to help answer common questions regarding agricultural vehicle insurance policies.

  • Does your agricultural vehicle policy cover Legal Expenses?

Yes. Our policy covers legal costs incurred with our consent in connection with a claim. In addition, we offer unlimited legal liability for death or injury to third parties, including passengers and legal Liability for damage to another person’s property up to £5MIL in respect of any one claim or number of claims arising out of one cause.

  • Does your policy cover trailers?

Yes we will automatically cover agricultural trailers up to £100,000, subject to certain restrictions. 

  •  Do you offer no claims discount (NCD) protection?

At Land Based Underwriters, we offer No Claims Discount protection to any car or commercial vehicle which has earned a minimum of four years NCD as standard at no charge.

  • Do you allow LANTRA Training Use?

Unfortunately, we do not allow LANTRA training use as it is not within the scope of our coverage.

  • Can you cover hire and reward?

 We are unable to accommodate hire and reward unless it is for the transport of livestock. 

  • Can you cover just one commercial vehicle? 

Unfortunately not, there must be at least one agricultural vehicle on the policy in order for us to quote.


If there's something you still need help with, don't hesitate to get in touch today.